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arowana fish size Shrimp tank additives I have used

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Information summary:  I have used shrimp tank additives? ?by full hoardI have been cultivating shrimp for more than a year, and I have used many things.Summed up part of the experi...., apple green, two weeks, exotically.arowana fish size Shrimp tank additives I have used

  I have used shrimp tank additives? ?by full hoard
I have been cultivating shrimp for more than a year, and I have used many things.Summed up part of the experience.Some contents are duplicated with the previous shrimp feeds and directly quoted.Bio Codys nitrifying bacteria have been used at least 10 times. It is a nitrifying bacteria that can see the effect, but it is not a magic drug.There are a branch and a large bottle, which is a relatively common nitrifying bacteria, the price is a bit expensive.In the past, when the grass tank was used, the filter cartridge was washed or trimmed and adjusted to use a branch of water plants. The state of the next day was very good.According to the instructions, it is used once every half a month, and it doesnt make much sense to use more. It not only burns money, but also may play the opposite role.The citrus bacteria shrimp and fish are very popular for eating, but they are not Japanese products.NB Nitrifying Bacteria Kit is a kind of nitrifying bacteria that is relatively popular in the South American Forum.It consists of two bottles of nitrifying bacteria and water quality activator, the main ingredient is oyk bacteria, what is oyk bacteria, you can refer to because it is recommended to drop 3 drops per day.So its not like Cody, it feels like a qualitative change.However, after using it, the shrimp tank basically did not die of the Asian adult shrimp, but it feels a little fat, and the decomposition rate of organic matter may be a little faster~ NB mycotin is recommended to be used with the NB nitrifying bacteria set.In fact, I think this thing is relatively foolish. The main ingredient is oyk bacteria, white powder, and it feels very similar to EM bacteria in aquatic products or Bainmei with capsules. I guess it may be a solution in the middle layer after fermentation of natto bacteria.For bottled nitrifying bacteria, the bottom sediment is sold as mycotoxin?On the packaging, it is the most common aluminum foil bag with a colorful picture.It looks more like a cottage, and often sells out.It is suspected that the NB series products are basically private workshops, and the players themselves DIY products.Of course, I use both of them, but I might try to make some enzymes or natto bacteria in the future.Shrimp Po 3-in-1 Shrimp Po 3-in-1 is one of the few shrimp tank additives used in North and South China.Personally, the main ingredients are spirulina, nitrifying bacteria (stalk bacteria?), enzymes.Very fat.very useful.Wheat spores are popular in Taiwan, and the Chinese follow suit.Both juvenile and adult shrimp will be eaten, the effect is still good, but can not be used as a staple food.Personal use, I feel that the wheat stem bacteria has a great impact on water quality, and may cause flying shrimp for a short time, so be careful about the dosage.Because the cause of flying prawns is not clear.But this thing is basically the price of a few dollars a catty in the United States.Those who are interested in doing business can sell a little wholesale.It stands to reason that the effect of the wheat stalk bacteria on the water quality in the later period should be greater than that in the early period, but Taiwans Kudai also recommends that if the flying shrimp is serious, it should be taken out and observed before continuing to feed.In general, the wheat stalk fungus is not a feed, not an additive, and the method of use needs to be fine-tuned according to the conditions and experience of your tank.EM bacteria aquatic products, everything is there, it stands to reason that the shrimp tank should be usable.But it has never been affirmed by experts. On the one hand, it is a commercial benefit. On the one hand, hundreds of thousands of shrimps, using domestically produced EM bacteria produced according to aquatic standards, are too risky.And look at the main components of EM bacteria: Bacillus, yeast, nitrifying bacteria, actinomycetes, Pseudomonas and other composite high-efficiency active strains.I basically reserve my opinion. I think that if individual players are interested, they can use EM bacteria to cultivate themselves, and then take the clear liquid into the tank for use.I think this is the best way to use the hard shell, which was once very useful, but now strongly opposed to the use of additives.Let me talk about my point first: Is it effective?Have!good or not?not good!Then look at the description of the hard shell powder: Main ingredients: soluble bio-calcium Properties: white granules or powder
Function and use
? ? 1 虾蟹在生长过程中需要从水体中吸收大量的矿物质(如钙磷 铁 镁等)来满足正常的生长需要,集约化的养殖方式又常使水体中矿物制盐的含量严重不足,而钙 磷吸收不足又会导致虾蟹的甲壳不能正常硬化,形成软壳病或者脱壳不遂,生长速度减慢,严重影响虾蟹的正常生长,本产品科学配方,arowana fish size Shrimp tank additives I have used含有虾 蟹甲壳生长所需的矿物盐,能迅速补充和维持虾 蟹甲壳生长对矿物盐和微量元素的需求。arowana fish size Long-term use of this product can effectively improve the survival rate of shrimps and crabs, reduce the biological enemy accidents, strengthen the system, and promote rapid growth.
? ? 2 Before and after raining, it can stabilize the pH of the pond water, maintain the balance between the algae phase and the beneficial bacteria phase in the water body, reduce the irritating response (reduce stress) to the shrimp and crab caused by the mutation of the water quality, which is beneficial to the growth of shrimp and crab.
? ? 3 The use of shrimp and crab two weeks before leaving the pond can increase the weight of the shrimp and crab, increase the gloss of the shrimp and crab shell, and improve the quality of the shrimp and crab.
? ?1.Supplement essential minerals and trace elements in shrimp and crab culture waters.
? ? 2.Quickly harden the shells of shrimps and crabs to prevent the shelling of shrimps and crabs.
? ? 3.In shrimp farming, regular use of this product can improve the physique and appearance of shrimp.
? ? 4.This product has the function of adjusting water and can promote the growth of plankton. Chitin can be said to be tailor-made for water production.We have all eaten prawns and base prawns. The hardness of their shells can be imagined. Then look at the hardness of crystal shrimp shells.Crystal shrimp breeding tank, GH is generally controlled at 2-3, display tank, generally controlled at 5-7.Therefore, the so-called calcium supplementation of chitin is basically useless, but harmful.The more you use, the more difficult it is for the shrimp to shell.So why do many shrimp friends use hard shells to feel that the shrimps are better, I also say that hard shells are useful.Because, chitin is not only calcium, phosphorus, amino acids, immunologically active factors, trace elements, etc., these points are very important, because but one phosphorus, and trace elements, is a good medicine for many shrimp tanks that like densely planted water plants.Hard shell has become a double-edged sword.In this case, I think I can only give up. After all, there are too many products that can supplement trace elements.Whats more, the production process of chitin can be imagined to be very rough, and it seems a bit rough for the fragile in-cylinder environment.Montmorillonite is basically a product that has been completely hyped by the merchants. For the crystal shrimp tank, its effect is minimal.Relatively speaking, Swire sea mud is more effective than montmorillonite. It is obvious that the growth rate of aquatic plants is faster.However, after a long period of use, the surface will be covered with a layer of fungi and algae and will be useless, so it needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently.Except for the slight difference between the size of the red bee ball and the tomaline ball (electric ball) used in domestic drinking water, the rest includes the internal structure after breaking apart, which is almost the same.After soaking in water, TDS and GH are exactly the same.The sum of all crystal shrimp products of ultimate vigor and beauty is four words: dead shrimp sharp weapon.If there is still a 5% difference between the red bee ball and the tomaline ball, the ultimate Yuanqi jade and the Maifan stone ball on the market are already indistinguishable. Fortunately, this thing is not dead shrimp, compared to the ultimate brand.For other things, at least there are no side effects.The Congxi brand series products are actually not on the table here. I am afraid of offending people. If they say bad, I will not say it, but remind the boss: Do not use your Taobao account to buy in the aquatic store in the future.Things, because the purchase history can be easily seen.In this way, others do not know the origin of your acid-lowering drugs, etc.Hurgens current experience is that RO water with TDS 0 GH 0 is mixed with RO. For every increase in hardness, the TDS is increased by about 40.Very rough experience.Various tocopherins should be useful if they can promote the ovary development of female shrimp, but in fact, most of the tocopherins (because I havent used them all) increase the number of eggs in the female shrimp by moltingOpportunity, this approach is like killing chickens to get eggs.
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